April 1, 2023

An authenticated Apple-1 Computer prototype dated back to the mid-1970s has sold at auction in Boston with regard to approximately $700, 000, according to the Associated Press .

The PC is reported as one of the first built by Steve Wozniak, in conjunction with the Apple brand led by Steve Jobs in 1976,   according to Notebookcheck .

An original Apple-1 computer in its wooden case.

The computer features 8KB of RAM, in addition to its interface cassette system and read/write capabilities,   which were considered groundbreaking for the time. The particular prototype is the jumping point to the Apple-1 computer, which was released in April 1976.

“There is no Apple-1 without this board — it’s the holy grail of Steve Work and Apple memorabilia, ” RR Auction executive vice president Bobby Livingston told AP.

The unidentified Bay Area collector who purchased the model paid $677, 196 for the pre-build computer. Prior in order to that, the particular owner kept it regarding 30 years, having been gifted the computer simply by Apple co-founder Steve Careers.

Paul Terrell owner associated with The Byte Shop within Mountain View, California, one of the first personal pc stores in the world, gave a personal statement that Sam Jobs used the prototype personal computer to demonstrate the abilities of the Apple-1 in 1976, the AP added.

Additionally, the RR Auction board was able to match Polaroid photographs Terrell took from the prototype in use within 1976. Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen authenticated the images and wrote a 13-page notarized report for that sale.

This Apple-1 computer prototype is not the only one to sell in RR Public sale. In 2020, an Apple-1 model dated back to the particular 1980s sold for approximately $460, 000 after being appraised intended for at least $500, 500 on an episode of Pawn Stars . While the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop owner Rick Harrison did not accept the offer on the show, the functional computer sold at auction with a cassette, display case, keyboard kit, PSU, and other peripherals.

More recently, we’ve seen these vintage computers sell to get upward of $500, 000 in similar auctions, but $700, 500 appears to be the new record.

Then again, there is currently an eBay listing of an Apple-1 computer with an asking price associated with $1. 5 million. The particular listing states that it is a first for eBay and comes in its original Byte Store KOA wood case.

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