April 1, 2023

Dell has revealed the workstation, which offers top-notch features right off the bat. The new Precision 7865 Tower is reportedly using the most updated Ryzen Threadripper PRO 500 chips to bring an impressive performance that any desktop user can dream associated with.

Other than that, people could take advantage of its massive RAM size that could go as high as 1TB, not to mention the improved mechanism, including the superb cooling system and more.

Dell’s Precision 7865 Desktop Workstation

 Dell Unveils Precision 7865 Desktop Workstation Which Supports Up to 1TB RAM, 56TB of Storage

(Photo: XPS from Unsplash)
Dell has announced its newest workstation Accuracy 7865 Tower which will surpass your expectations.

It’s interesting how Dell has become a leader when it comes to bringing the next-gen desktop and mobile workstations to its customers. This time, the company is introducing Precision 7865 Tower, which displays a very excellent performance that’s far from its predecessors.

According to  XDA Developers,   it will be launched this summer. Dell has not yet mentioned the exact date of its release.

What’s so Good About the New Precision Workstation

The Texas-based electronics consumer company said that the particular newest workstation is perfect for content creators, designers, and other people who want to elevate their experience to a high level.

Typically, it’s all about the fresh features that you can see on it internally and externally. To start, the workstation features a high-end AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO, which suits multitaskers who want to be more efficient at work.

Apart from that, this beast setup sports a processor with 12 cores and 24 threads to go with 64MB cache and 4. 5GHz clock speed.  

That’s not the only CPU that you can use with this workstation since there are the total of five options that you can choose from. If you want to go all-in, you can opt for the most powerful processor with 64 cores and 128 strings.

What’s more, is that you can pair these CPUs with some of the most prominent graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD. For the former, you can choose RTX A6000 and even the T-series lineup. As for AMD, you may utilize the Pro W6800 GPU and event the particular W6400 and W6600.

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Memory and Storage

When it comes to its memory, the Dell’s 7865 Tower Workstation boasts a whopping 1TB capacity which is clocked in 3, 200MHz. Each associated with the DIMM slots consists of 128GB, and there are eight of them.

Switching between HDD and SSD will be also easy through this workstation. You can opt for the former, which is usually maxed out at 8TB. If you want a faster option, a person can go for an SSD which could reach 4TB in space.

All in all, you get to enjoy 56TB of your usage. You can also use security options to avoid potential hackers thanks in order to self-encrypting tools, per   Digital Trends.

Given these types of impressive features, this on-the-go desktop workstation is pretty impressive. From its heavy-duty processors to its immense storage, you can never go wrong with Dell’s 7865 Tower.

Unfortunately, expect that the company won’t go easy with its pricing given this particular set of decent specs to offer. Still, it’s a great purchase if you want to become highly productive in your craft, whether at home, office, or school.

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