April 1, 2023

High demand for PCs and, importantly, desktop PCs has already resulted in increased graphics card, PSU, HDD, and SSD pricing, but apparently, now DRAM is getting even more expensive, too. According to a new report from Taiwan, memory prices are set for double-digit growth in the coming months. 

Contract memory prices are projected to increase by 10% – 20%, DigiTimes reports (based on a Seeking Alpha story). According to the report, memory prices may rise by up to 25%, depending on the kit. Keeping in mind that demand is high and DRAM is transiting to DDR5 memory, the increase is not surprising. 

Most enthusiasts who buy premium memory kits shouldn’t be particularly worried — high-end memory kits already carry a hefty price tag. Hence, a 10% increase in DRAM IC prices isn’t too extreme. However, every penny counts when it comes to mainstream desktop and laptop PCs, so this is where that 10% – 25% contract price hike gains importance. In fact, even a 2% to 5% increase in the bill-of-materials (BOM) can increase the price of a laptop by a significant sum. 

DRAM quotes are not alone when it comes to price hikes, according to the report. Prices of NAND memory have also increased by 10% so far this year, and given the current Chia Coin farming craze, it’s easy to expect that trend to continue.  

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