April 1, 2023

small space living

Living in a small space can be challenging. Here are some ideas to make the most of your space. Minimalism is key, as is avoiding bulky furniture. Keep it light and airy with light-coloured walls and furniture. Use storage units and float furniture to maximize floor space. Keeping everything in its proper place will help keep your space neat and tidy.


Minimalism is a style of decorating that emphasizes the importance of the essentials and creates a feeling of comfort in a small space. While minimalism can seem cold, its use of neutral colors and textures can add warmth and calm to any home. With a little creativity, this style can work well in a small space. Here are five tips to help you bring this style into your home.

Minimalist designs tend to feature lighter color palettes, which are often associated with open spaces. Dark colors, on the other hand, create a deep mood. In this design, the dark walls are offset by a white couch. To add contrast, a pink table lamp adds a bright splash of color.

Floating furniture

Floating furniture is a great solution for small spaces. This method makes the room look bigger by creating a sense of visual space. However, the object of floating furniture is not to make the room appear empty. If you have furniture that is behind the furniture, you will defeat the purpose of floating. Also, keep in mind that the furniture in the middle of the room will make the space look cluttered.

A small table is an excellent addition to a floated sofa. You can buy one at a local furniture store or online. It can look great when combined with a small lamp or a tabletop plant. Another great idea is to place a bookshelf in the living room. It can add the perfect decorative touch.

Light colours

Light colours for small space living can make a huge difference. Unlike dark colours, which make a room appear larger, light colours will help make the room feel more intimate. For example, a deep, warm gray can make a small room feel more cozy and spacious. Also, a grey that is luminous or reflects light is a great choice for a small room.

Bright, energetic colours such as a lively yellow are also a great choice for small rooms. These colors can add instant radiance and will work well in a tiny galley kitchen or half bathroom. Alternatively, you could go for a darker blue that will create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.

Storage units

The tiny home movement has spurred an increase in storage ideas for small spaces. While some solutions may require the expertise of a handyman, others are easy to create yourself. One powerful storage solution is well-built built-ins. You can even turn existing objects, such as ottomans and artwork, into additional storage.

Storage ottomans are a popular way to hide clutter and enhance the aesthetics of a room. They can be used to store seasonal items, too. By elevating them off the floor, you can use the space underneath them for books or records. You can also store slim bins inside.

Open wall behind sofa

If you have a small living room, an open wall behind the sofa is a perfect space for wall art. A framed abstract piece of art on the wall behind the sofa can add visual interest to the room. You can also use wallpaper or patterns to add whimsy to the room.

Another great way to use the open wall behind the sofa is to install shelves. Books and other decorative items can be stored on the shelves. They will look good and help with storage. You can also use the lower shelves to store books. You can also place a small table between the sofa and the wall to hold decorative items.

Sliding doors

Glass sliding doors can add a sense of space to a small room. They can be made of tempered glass or solid wood to complement the interior design. These types of doors also bring a contemporary vibe to the modern home and are a great focal point in a small room. They are more expensive than wooden doors, but can be very attractive. They also make a great safety feature for families with children. They can be locked or left open, depending on the homeowner’s preference.

Another great option for small rooms is a pocket door. A pocket door has one panel without hinges and glides along an overhead track. They can be installed in closets, home offices, and laundry rooms. They offer great flexibility for those with limited space and need to create a sense of privacy.

Willow baskets

To make a willow basket, you will need to buy eight medium-sized shoots. These will be used as stakes and form the sides of the basket. The ends of the stakes should be sharpened using a knife. Insert each one as close to the center as possible. Bend the top of the stake upward, so that it points up toward the sky. Then, cut the stalks into eight equal pieces. Use a hand pruner to trim the spokes and weave the bottom edge of the basket. Then, tie them together.

Willow baskets can make a great addition to a small space. The large ones are usually made of woven willow reeds, but some are available with lids and liners. They’re also perfect for picnics. There are also smaller versions available.