April 1, 2023

The Dell Vostro 3888 desktop computer without any accessories, on a gray background.

While there tends to be a big focus on the best gaming PCs, many folks don’t need anything that fancy, just something at home to do productivity work. Well, Dell has you covered with the Vostro 3888, a budget efficiency desktop currently discounted at Dell’s website down in order to $549 from $1, 213, which is a considerable 55% discount and certainly worth taking a look at if you want good performance at a reasonable price.

Why you should buy the Dell Vostro 3888 PC

One of the most important things when it comes to productivity software is the particular CPU, and we’re happy to say that the Vostro 388 comes with the 10th-generation Intel i5-10400, that is a midrange CPU that’s more than powerful enough to deal with all productivity software you’re likely to throw at it. It might also be able to get away with some simple editing, although don’t expect too much from it in that regard. It’s also a great CPU for streaming content, whether you’re streaming to or from your PC, making it the good budget streaming rig for those who already have a gaming/editing PC that they don’t want to bog down further.

Whether you stream or not, it’s important to point out that there’s no GPU on this desktop. Instead, it has integrated Intel UHD 630 graphics, which isn’t powerful enough to let you play most modern games but may let you get away with a few indie or casual games. Again, it’s not a gaming desktop, so the lack of GPU isn’t a big deal. As for the rest of the specs, you get 8GB of RAM, which should be more than enough with regard to most folks and the sort of productivity work that they do. You also obtain 512GBs of storage space, which should be more than adequate for most folks who need a desktop regarding productivity and general day-to-day use.

Overall, the Vostro 3888 is a great productivity desktop; if you need some thing and you’re on the tight budget, Dell will be deal discounting it down to just $549. Otherwise, check out some other great computer deals to pick through, and don’t forget to take a look at a few monitor deals in order to pair with your new PC.

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