April 1, 2023

By Bob Hooper for The Tropical isle Eye Information

What makes a good or even a great deal on a laptop or a desktop? Just because it’s “on sale” doesn’t make it the best deal for your money. What are the must haves with regard to your new work/ pleasure/gaming laptop? Let’s dive into the basics that will make a true great deal regarding your hard-earned money. The first thing to consider is the processor: There are two types – Intel and AMD. Both are good in different ways.

With Intel, which is more mainstream, you want at least an i5 or i7 processor chip that is at least the 11th generation – 13th generation is the latest. There is an i9 processor, but that’s usually for laptops that cost more than $1, 000 and are more intended for hard-core gamers. The i5 laptops are usually more in the $400 to $700 range, and i7s usually price $500 in order to $1, 500, depending upon factors such as RAM memory and the size of the hard drive. RAM memory is what makes your laptop run as well as the more you have – up to a point – helps it operate faster. Many laptops come standard with 8 gigabytes of RAM MEMORY memory, which is barely adequate for the Windows 11 operating software. You really need in least 8 but 12 or 16GB is better, but , of course, the more RAM, the higher the cost of the particular laptop. 32GBs increase the price quite a bit; most laptop computers with that much RAM are priced above the $1, 000 mark. The hard drive is where you store your pictures, documents plus other data. There are usually two kinds: the standard hard drive, platters spinning and storing the data magnetically, and the solid-state generate, which has no moving parts and is really just more MEMORY memory.

Solid State drives are faster. They can be as small as 128GB or as large as a terabyte. A 51GB drive should do for most people. The great laptop would be a 12th generation with an i7 processor, 16GB associated with RAM and a 512GB solid-state drive. Hope this assists; more tips and information next time.  

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