April 1, 2023

G. Skill is redefining possibilities with its newly launched DDR5 RAM. These new additions are a part of the Trident Z5 RGB lineup and are rated at a ridiculous 8000 MT/s for a hefty price tag of $529. 99.

The recently launched DDR5 memory sticks are being offered as the manufacturer’s flagship product, and come with massive overclocking potential and ample RGB lighting for that additional performance when building a gaming PC.

There are a handful associated with DDR5 -8000 memory sticks to choose from. A few weeks ago, TeamGroup demonstrated exceptional XMP results with the DELTA RGB sticks. Previously, the particular computer hardware company had announced the DDR5-7800 for new Intel processors.

In a release note, G. Skill has defined these memory space modules as “the pinnacle of DDR5 performance on current generation platforms. ”

More information on the ultra-high overall performance Trident Z5 DDR5 RAM modules through G. Ability

The freshly launched storage modules from G. Skill are ranked at eight thousand MT/s. This is a significant 66% step up from the 4800 MHz native JEDEC frequency of the DDR5 RAM .

The memory modules pack tight timings of CL 38-48-48-128 tCR2. They have the voltage rating of 1. 45 V and come in a kit of two 16 GB memory space sticks, making for a total of 32 GB associated with RAM.

Gary the gadget guy. Skill has optimized these DDR5 storage modules for the latest 13th gen Raptor Lake desktop processors through Intel, and they are best suited for that latest Z790 motherboards.

The H. Skill DDR5 8000 MT/s memory modules in action upon a Z790 motherboard using the Intel Core i9 13900K chip (Image via Grams. Skill) DDR 5 memory space sticks in order to over 10, 000 MT/s, while in laboratory conditions, they have touched over 12, 000 MT/s.

The new DDR5 RAM quests from G. Skill bring a higher level of functionality to the consumer market and push the boundaries from the new memory standards. Considering their efficacy, it won’t arrive as a surprise if Overclockers break the previously set records with the brand new Trident Z5RGB 8000 MT/s kit.

Gary the gadget guy. Skill has integrated Intel XMP 3. 0 one-click memory overclocking profile support with these DDR5 RAM modules . Unless users turn on the particular eXtreme Memory Profile from your motherboard’s BIOS settings, the memory stick will run at the particular stock JEDEC standard of 4800 MT/s.

They have been purely designed for enthusiasts and overclockers. An average gamer will barely notice any significant difference in performance to justify the $530 price tag. For gamers, just one of these DDR5 memory stays should be more than enough.

The particular G. Ability Trident Z5 DDR5-8000 CL38 flagship RAM MEMORY kit is expected to be available worldwide this December and will come in black and silver colorways.

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