April 1, 2023

Random Access Memory or popularly known as RAM is one of the most important parts of any PC. If you are building a gaming PC then the RAM plays an even more important part. RAM is basically a Random access memory that is nothing but a temporary storage space for your computer data. With RAM you can access your files faster. The more RAM you have on your computer the more multitasking it can perform.

In gaming PCs RAM plays a very important part in your system. A good RAM in a gaming PC will provide an opportunity to provide an optimal experience to players by providing coordination between processors with multiple calculations.

Best RAM for budget gaming pc

In 2021 most of the RAM comes in two types one is DDR3 and the other one is DDR4 RAM. The DDR 4 RAM is faster as it runs on low voltage and gives high performance with increased transfer speed. In this article, we have mentioned both DDR 3 and DDR 4 RAM options for low-budget gaming PCs.

Looking for the best RAM for a budget gaming PC? Here are some suggestions!

Best DDR3 RAM for low budget gaming PC

RipjawsX from the G.Skill is by far the best DDR 3 RAM for any low-budget gaming PC. This is an 8GB RAM that will transfer 1600Mhz memory speed. If you have an old gaming PC that supports DDR3 RAM then this is the best option for you.

Looking for the best RAM for a budget gaming PC? Here are some suggestions!

Best DDR 4 RAM for low budget gaming PC

Corsair Vengeance LPX is one of the most famous and respected RAM among PC builders. This RAM is quite solid in its build quality. This RAM will offer a transfer speed of 3200Mhz, Usually, this kind of transfer speed is seen in the higher-priced DDR4 RAMs.

Basically, in simple words, the DDR3 RAM is an older technology that still works for low-budget PC builders. But if you can stretch your budget and your system allows then we recommend using the new DDR4 RAM in your gaming PC as it is faster that’s why it will give you better gaming performance.

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