April 1, 2023

If you have a wishlist for everything Apple company, you may soon get the chance to buy them at a lower price.

Apple recently announced that select Apple company products in its many stores – physical or online – can soon be bought cheaply at the states enacting a two or three-day tax holiday.  

The Apple products that could be bought at a lower price include Mac computers, nonrecreational software, and even printer supplies, per  9to5Mac .

Apple + Tax Day Collaboration Details

Apple   mentioned that people living within nine of the particular US states would be able to enjoy lower prices at any Apple company store within them, bodily or on the internet, thanks to the upcoming (or ongoing) tax holidays.

For those unaware, a tax holiday is a government-mandated day (or a few days) when people don’t have to worry about the tax they have to pay when buying a particular item, per  Investopedia . These items range from essential items such as basic groceries or items needed for the household to function to products that people want to have but are too expensive in order to buy at full costs, such as computers and smartphones.

Additionally, tax holidays are the government’s way to encourage consumer spending to offset the effect of increased prices brought on by the international market, like fossil fuels.

However , the  Sales Taxes Insitute   mentioned that taxes holidays have a specific dollar amount threshold for qualified items. As such, if the particular item price exceeds the threshold, it is taxable in full.  

That aside, Apple mentioned that will the 9 states that would be enacting tax holidays are: Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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Apple Tax Holiday Qualified Items Per Eligible State

Apple pointed out on its website promoting the event that not every item in the inventory would be eligible with regard to being purchased tax-free. As such, individuals should look up Apple’s list of tax holiday-eligible products to see if their desired product will have the lower cost.

For convenience, here are usually the items eligible for taxes holiday per state, and when it would hold a tax vacation:

Arkansas: Aug. 6 -7

Eligible Products: computers, all iPad plus iPhone models, printers, keyboards, mice, Apple company Pencils, and displays

Fl: July 25 – August 7

Eligible Products: computer systems, all iPad models, shows, Keyboards, Mice, Apple Pencil, speakers, headphones, RAM, storage, microphones, printers, computer cables, routers, scanners, hard drives, nonrecreational software, plus computer batteries

Massachusetts: August. 13 — 14

Qualified Products: any item with a sale price of less than or equal to $2, 500

Missouri: Aug. 5 – seven

Eligible Items: computers under $1, 500, which includes computers and iPads, accessories for example displays, keyboards, mice, Apple Pencils, speakers, RAM Upgrades, storage space drives, microphones, printers, routers, scanners below $1, five hundred, hard disk drives (including Apple TV), flash drives, Apple software program and third-party nonrecreational software under $350

New South america: Aug. five – 7

Eligible Products: computers under $1, 000, which includes computers and iPads, accessories such as key boards, mice, Apple Pencil, Displ

Apple Pen, displays, speakers, computer wires, RAM, microphones, routers, hard drives (including Apple company TV), flash drives, ink jet printers, and Printer supplies like Lifeprint paper

South Carolina: Aug. 5 – seven

Eligible Items: Computers, almost all iPad versions, printers, printer supplies, Apple and nonrecreational third-party software program, accessories, plus other products when purchased having a computer, key-boards, mice, Apple company Pencil, AppleCare, displays, scanning devices, and school use only devices including earbuds, earphones, and expensive drives

Tennessee July 29 – 31

Eligible Products: computers below $1, 500, including computer systems and iPads, accessories this kind of as shows, keyboards, rodents, Apple Pencils, speakers, routers, and cables when bought with a computer

Virginia: Aug. 5 : 7

Entitled Products: Cell phone chargers and batteries with sales costs less compared to or equal to $60

West Va: Aug. five – 7

Eligible Items: iPad plus MacBook Air models using a sales price less than or the same to $500

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