April 1, 2023

It is true that this type of equipment does not stand out for having the power of the most modern Intel Core, nor of the most powerful AMD . Rather, they are modest computers that, although they can handle all kinds office work without any problem, are a bit short on power to play games or perform advanced video editing. But, of course , in the price we also notice it.

If you are thinking of purchasing one of these, for example, to mount a Mini-PC, or even a retro-console, today we bring you an exceptional piece of equipment, not only in energy, but also inside price.

Save 20% when you buy this particular Mini-PC

This small computer keeps inside a processor Intel Celeron J4125 , low-end, but enough in order to move all sorts office programs and, naturally , the Microsoft operating system, specifically Home windows 11 in its Professional edition. It also has 8 GB associated with DDR4 RAM, as well as 128 GB of storage SSD. It has two 4K HDMI outputs, a Gigabit Ethernet network card, 4 USB ports and Wi-Fi.

The normal cost of this mini computer is 220 euros, but , thanks to Amazon ’s offer of the day, all of us can get hold of it with a 20% discount, so this would stay in just 175. 48 euros .

We have, in addition , a more powerful unit, which has 12 GB of RAM MEMORY and 256 GB associated with SSD storage. On this particular occasion, the particular discount is not so attractive, since it is only reduced by 4% and its price is 269. 89 euros. But the seller allows us to apply a discount coupon of 50 pounds, leaving this unit at only 230 euros. A more than acceptable price for the increase in memory and SSD compared to its little brother.

Also, in both cases, we can easily expand the storage space to be able in order to have, for example, a larger SSD.

If we look in the comments, with 404 opinions, the average score for this micro-computer is 4. 3 out associated with 5, a good acceptable score. And the majority of the feedback agree on the same thing, that it is the team, with an excellent quality/price ratio, but only for office automation. Beyond that use, the strength of this processor begins to become noticed.

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