April 1, 2023

In this day and age, many people use laptops just like they use desktop computers . They might buy a laptop just to leave it stationary at a desk and plugged into a charger while they work or play PC games . This is partly because their laptop might not have the battery performance to support all-day use.

The main purpose of choosing a laptop over a desktop is so you have a computer you can take on the go. If you’re someone who likes to use a laptop on the couch, in the coffee shop or on the road, having a laptop with enough battery capacity to last all day is key. If you have to tether yourself in order to an outlet everywhere you go, this kind of defeats the purpose of even having a laptop computer.

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That’s why SPY examined the best battery life laptops on the market in 2022. To narrow it down further, we broke our list down into different categories, including the best battery life laptop for gaming, the best electric battery life laptop if you’re upon a budget and the particular best battery life laptop with regard to productivity.

Before we look at the laptops along with the best batteries, here are a few key elements to look regarding while shopping for a laptop.


The Laptops with the Best Battery Life of 2022

A laptop is much more than just its battery. You also have to consider additional factors like those mentioned above — CPU, graphics, screen size, storage, RAM, accessories and overall performance. SPY examined dozens of laptops, and we found these are the best battery-life laptops when taking their features and performance into consideration.


1. LG Gram 14-inch


With more than 24 hours of battery and an array of other features, the LG Gram 14 is a battery beast. It can last for up to 25. 5 hours on a single charge, meaning this 14-inch notebook can final longer than just about any laptop in the marketplace. It also boasts a touch fingerprint reader, Alexa voice control, a Thunderbolt 4 port for transferring and displaying data and Windows 11 compatibility.

Battery-life: 24. 5 Hours

LG Gram 14-inch

LG Gram 14-inch

Buy: LG Gram 14-inch $1, 599. 00


2. Dell Latitude 9510 2-in-1


The particular Latitude 9510 has the 15-inch display and an incredible battery capacity on a single charge. However, the Dell Latitude was also designed to hold the charge in other ways. Inside addition to quick charging features, Dell also gave this office workhorse the ability to optimize power use depending on how you use this, saving battery life similar to how a smartphone optimizes use throughout the day. This amazing little 2-in-1 provides all of the power you need in order to work, stream shows, surf the web or chat with friends. It has ample RAM (16GB), as well as a solid-state drive for the best possible overall performance. We should note that this particular laptop was released within 2020, so even though it’s undoubtedly the laptop computer with the longest battery pack life, that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your new computer.

Battery Life: Up to 34 hours and 11 minutes

Dell Latitude 9510

Dell Latitude 9510

Buy: Dell Latitude 9510 2-in-1 at Dell. com $1, 909. 00

Buy: Dell Latitude 9510 2-in-1 $1, 675. 00


3. 2021 Microsoft Surface Laptop 4


Surface area laptops have become known as ideal work laptops, and the Surface 4 is faster, more powerful and more efficient than most of its predecessors. Along with a removable SSD, a 720p camera for Zoom and Teams meetings and an 11th Gen Intel Core or AMD Ryzen Microsoft Surface Edition processor, this little laptop offers top-of-the-line performance for busy professionals. And its battery power lasts all day before it needs a recharge.

Battery Life: Up to 19 hrs

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Buy: Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 $918. 17

Buy: 2021 Ms Surface Laptop 4 at Microsoft. com Starting in $899


4. 2021 Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch


Since the introduction of the M1 chip, Apple has been putting other laptops to shame. In fact , the M1 chip was so good, that we actually recommended SPY readers buy the particular MacBook Air instead associated with the pro. The M1 chip was so fast, there was barely a difference. But now that the new generation of M2 chips is out, the newest MacBook Pros are seriously impressive. The 14-inch MacBook Pro lasts all day time on one charge, which will be ample time for the full day’s work or even study. In addition in order to Apple’s M2 chip, it also offers 8GB of memory (configurable to 16 or 24 GB).

Battery life: Up to 17 hours

Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch

Apple company MacBook Pro 14-inch

Buy: Apple Mac-book Pro 14-inch $1, 799. 00


5. Samsung GalaxyBook Flex 15


This notebook not only lasts up to 19 hours, but it’s also S-Pen compatible. This means designers and artists can take advantage of numerous applications and use the S-Pen to detail their vision with the utmost precision. If you’re looking intended for the Samsung laptop with the longest battery existence, the 2022 GalaxyBook Bend 15 is the company’s most powerful option.

Battery Existence: Up to 21 Hrs

Samsung GalaxyBook Flex 15

Samsung GalaxyBook Flex 15

Buy: Samsung GalaxyBook Flex 15 $1, 149. 99


6. HP EliteBook 840 Aero G8


If you need a workhorse you can use at home or upon the road, this laptop has a 3 Cell 53 WHr long-life battery. This means the HP EliteBook Aero G8 will last for around 15 hrs without needing a charge. It’s also relatively lightweight, with ample power plus plentiful ports to get the job done.

Battery Lifestyle: Up to 14. 5 Hours

HP EliteBook 840 Aero G8

HP EliteBook 840 Aero G8

Buy: HP EliteBook 840 Aero G8 $1, 232. 24


7. Lenovo ThinkPad X13


The ThinkPad X13 usually lasts around 14 hours on a single charge. It has ample RAM, as well as a solid storage space drive and a clear display to allow for work on the go. This is usually a laptop anyone may use, but it’s a good pick for all those who work all around the house or who take their work on the road.

Battery Life: Up to fourteen Hours

Full Review:   Lenovo Balances Power and Mobility With New ThinkPads

Lenovo ThinkPad X13

Lenovo ThinkPad X13

Buy: Lenovo ThinkPad X13 $869. 99


8. Asus Rog Zephyrus G14


Finding a good gaming laptop can be challenging, as you have to find something that’s effective yet affordable, efficient yet practical. The Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 provides that balance, with a battery that will lasts around 10 hours, an impressive feat to get a gaming laptop, which you’re going to keep plugged in anyway, right? This particular gaming laptop also boasts excellent graphics and sufficient processing power.

Battery Life: Up to 10 Hours

Asus Rog Zephyrus G14

Asus Rog Zephyrus G14

Buy: Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 $1, 529. 00


9. Lenovo Duet 5


In case you’re not looking in order to spend $1, 000 or more on a laptop, the Chromebook is likely going to be your best bet. Chromebooks are affordable, however they provide just what a person need if you’re a student, someone who wants in order to use a laptop pertaining to entertainment, communication, and web-surfing, or if you focus on the web but don’t do a lot of heavy programming work. The Lenovo Duet 5 has a battery that lasts meant for around 15 hours, and this little laptop will service anyone who wants to study or work lightly.

Electric battery Life: Up to 14. 5 Hours

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5i

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5i

Purchase: Lenovo Duet 5 $395. 00 (orig. $429. 99) 8% OFF


How We Chose the Best Battery Living Laptops

When selecting the laptops along with the longest battery lifestyle, we of course looked for, well, the laptop computers with the longest battery lives. But we appeared at other factors because well. After all, that all-day battery life isn’t much help if your new laptop can’t handle the particular programs or streaming you bought it for. Some people use their laptops exclusively for work, while others use their laptops designed for gaming or entertainment. Prior to buying a laptop, think about how you use your laptop, and think about the following features and specifications.

Screen size:   A standard laptop screen size measures (from display corner-to-corner) at around fourteen to 16 inches. When you’re looking for the notebook or mini-laptop, you can find smaller display screen sizes (around 10 in order to 14 inches), and you can furthermore find larger screens (17-inch screens or larger). Think about how and where you’ll be using your laptop to determine the best screen size for you. Laptops with larger screens tend to be significantly pricier and can also consume more battery power, so if you are comfortable with a smaller screen, you might get a better price and better battery efficiency.

Ports:   What devices will you be connecting to your laptop (if any)? Do you need ports for connecting USB devices, an HDMI slot for adding an extra screen or USB-C ports just for peripherals? Check out the particular ports the laptop provides and where they are located to make sure it is definitely compatible with what a person need.

Processor: In the event that you plan on doing any PC gaming, you’ll need a processor that’s powerful enough to handle that. The same applies in case you’re going to be doing any graphic design or CAD work. On the other hand, if you just need a laptop for basic entertainment, emailing and social media, the power of your processor doesn’t matter quite as much (as long as you go with a reliable brand like AMD or even Intel). More powerful computers often need more cooling, which usually can take more electric battery. This is also something to keep in mind when searching for the best battery-life laptops.

Graphics:   If you plan on performing any sort of advanced or intense PC gaming, you will need to find a laptop along with gaming-grade graphics. This often means a dedicated graphics card instead of a basic integrated graphics card. If you have a laptop with a powerful GPU, you can help save some battery power by lowering display settings when you’re performing less graphics-intensive activities.

RAM:   Look for a laptop that has at least 4GB of RAM if you’re going to be performing basic tasks like emailing and web surfing. You’ll need more RAM for the purpose of gaming or heavy productivity, and you’ll probably want a laptop with closer to 8GB.

Operating system: Most laptops run upon Windows, Mac or Chrome, but there are others. MacBooks are ideal for work and personal use. Chromebooks are typically a good option for students and those that don’t do much coding or programming. Windows laptops are perhaps the majority of versatile.

Storage:   You can find laptops that have SSDs (solid state storage), HDDs (spinning storage) or a combination of both. SSD storage is your best bet for both PC functionality and battery performance unless you’re going with the budget laptop that only provides HDD storage.

Weight:   A laptop can weigh anywhere from under 3 pounds to upwards associated with 6 pounds. LG reports that small laptops usually weigh between 3. a few and 4. 4 pounds, while large laptops generally weigh around 6. 6 pounds. If you travel a lot, the weight will likely matter more.

Accessories: Do you need a built-in mouse pad? How about a webcam? Speakers? All of these features and accessories can take up battery capacity, but they’re also nice in order to have. Consider what accessories you need and whether or not you’re willing to connect some of these accessories aftermarket.


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